New York

Welcome to New York City

The day of our departure we arrived at AIMÉ CESAIRE airport at 5am to check-in and left our luggage. After waiting for a moment and saying goodbye to our family, we took a Norwegian Airlines airplane at 08:05 am in Martinique to arrive at John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport. In the plane, we were afraid in the beginning but afterwards we adapted ourselves. We  travelled well. We were really surprised to see that it was colder that we had imagined. We were shivering because of the cold although we had warm clothes. We were not  accustomed to that temperature. We separated into 2 groups in the direction of the hotel. There was a one-hour ride. When we arrived in the hotel we were very happy to be in New-York, moreover the Wellington hotel was beautiful. We split to go to our rooms. There were 3 quadruple rooms which we called « suites » because they were very spacious and 2 double rooms. After  settling, we looked for a place to eat which allowed us to discover the neighborhood. At night, we had dinner  in KFC ; we  found that the menus were really different from  KFC in Martinique. The bread was not fabulous like the one we used to see in the movies but we were puzzled. When we returned from KFC we met in order to prepare a musical performance for the next day because we had a meeting in BHS school in Brooklyn. This day was exhausting for us, we were happy to go to  bed after this hard day.

 Mya R. and  Mélynda P.

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